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SAMUN holiday workshops with Camp I Am

Education Africa was asked by Camp I Am (an NGO which runs holiday camps for school children in the greater Johannesburg area) to assist in their holiday programme by providing capacity and guidance, and facilitating a SAMUN style debate among the youth.

As part of our assistance, Education Africa provides SAMUN training to secondary schools during the June holiday, after which the learners begin with their research and in the October school holidays, a SAMUN style debate takes place between the participating schools. The topic of the debate is always current and appeals to the youth, e.g. Leadership and the Role of Young People in the World Today. Education Africa assists in the adjudication of this debate.

Linda Gould, Operations Director at Education Africa, says this programme plays a crucial role in minimising the risk of drug abuse and teenage pregnancy whilst contributing to the education and social development of the learners. “At Education Africa we are proud to assist in this worthwhile holiday programme, allowing us to share expertise we have gained from running our very successful provincial and national SAMUN Project.”