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Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund

The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund

The late Walter Sisulu was a great friend and supporter of Education Africa. In recognition of this and to honour the invaluable contribution he made to the country, Walter and Albertina Sisulu, together with Education Africa, set up the Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund in 1995. Education Africa manages scholarships under this fund for learners in financial need.

Objectives Of The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund

The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund addresses one of the most troubling features of the education system in South Africa, and gives disadvantaged students access to good schooling with a focus on maths and science. This results in school-leavers being inadequately prepared to enter the world of work or higher education.

The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund gives access to quality, relevant education to many impoverished students at secondary school level and at tertiary education level.

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Tertiary Scholarships

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How The Fund Works

Companies and private individuals put their confidence in Education Africa to deliver on its goals and objectives by donating funds to the organisation for the scholarships.

Education Africa then uses the funds to manage scholarships in certain fields.

The organisation works closely with schools and tertiary institutions to identify hard-working and deserving learners and students who are financially enabled via the scholarships to obtain a quality education.

Please note: Applications for scholarships must be submitted to Education Africa by the school – we do not consider applications from individuals.

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Secondary School Scholarships

Education Africa particularly encourages development in the areas of mathematics and science, and scholarships are awarded to learners who excel in these subjects, showing promise despite coming from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds.

Education Africa works in close partnership with schools across the country to identify these children at school level and bring them into the tertiary education system, where they can then train to become professionals such as engineers, doctors etc.

Tertiary School Scholarships

We offer scholarships to deserving candidates for our certification Programme in Business-focussed Management run in partnership with Unisa (University of South Africa), a programme which has been developed to assist school leavers with entry into the business sector or with the establishment of their own enterprises.

In 2018, we made a tremendous improvement to this programme: For two decades, we offered this programme through a traditional paper-based methodology but recently shifted to a technology-based approach exclusively for recipients of a Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund scholarship. This enhancement is fundamental to our goal of increasing access to education, as it has enabled us to bring tertiary education to students in rural and township settings.

We piloted this new initiative with 30 students in 2018. Among the participants in the pilot, there was an even split among males and females, with 70% residing in Mpumalanga and 30% residing in Gauteng. In addition to funding for their education, students received a data-loaded tablet and mentoring support. Proudly, 85% completed the programme successfully and obtained a UNISA-accredited certificate in Business-Focused Management. 14 scholarships were awarded for this programme for the June 2019 intake.

We are eager to see this programme grow in future years; the skills that students obtain upon completing this programme will last well into the future – greatly enhancing the skills of South Africa’s workforce. To sponsor scholarships at a cost of R16 800.00 per scholarship (this includes tuition fees, a tablet and data) please contact james@educationafrica.org Remember that by registering your staff, your suppliers’ staff, or someone that is unemployed on this course through Education Africa and its Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund, companies can claim B-BBEE points for their Skills Development Element and Enterprise Development Element. Section 18A tax benefits also apply.

Partner with Education Africa and the Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund and you will effectively deliver economy-focussed education opportunities, thus ensuring an educated and industrious workforce.

A tribute to Walter Sisulu, by Nelson Mandela

In the passing of Walter Sisulu I have lost much – a friend, a brother, a guardian and a comrade. South Africa, however, has lost far more. It has lost one of its greatest sons: an architect of South African democracy, an international statesman, and a compassionate advocate of society’s most marginalised sectors.

Walter stood head and shoulders above all of us in South Africa. His elevated status among us was due to his simplicity and humility: he pushed all of us forward while he remained quietly in the background. Walter made heroes of us, yet he himself was a giant of a man. I could have asked for no better friend, and the nation could have asked for no better statesman.

He devoted his life to fighting for the freedom of the African people. It is profoundly fitting, therefore, that we are to pay tribute to this unique man’s extraordinary insight by commemorating his memory and augmenting his vision with The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund. As a man with no formal education, Walter particularly understood its importance in securing the future for all Africans. The Fund was created by Walter and Albertina Sisulu, together with James Urdang from Education Africa and has been chaired by Lungi Sisulu, one of the couple’s five children, since Walter’s passing in 2003.

The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund is designed to promote the empowerment of the disadvantaged through education and training, thus ensuring their effective and continued participation in all processes of a democratic society. I appeal to you to help perpetuate Walter Sisulu’s legacy in the form of The Walter Sisulu Scholarship Fund, and together we can build an educated nation, and take the continent of Africa forward to claim its rightful place on the global stage.